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Server Timeline/Lore

Post by Fox on Mon May 09, 2016 1:38 pm

1998: GLaDOS' untested AI is activated for the first time, becoming sentient, and swiftly eliminating almost every living member of staff in the Aperture Science testing facility.

2002: The Black Mesa incident occurs.
The earth is ravaged by portal storms.
Xen creatures destroy earth's natural habitats.

2003: The Universal Union invades earth, starting he seven hour war, the war ends on july 8th.
Wallace Breen is appointed High Consul of earth.
The Suppression field is activated, disabling reproductive biological functions for all human beings on earth.

2005: The combine establish the "Cities" giant cities numerically marked, each being given population limits.
Citizens are 'randomly' transferred between cities periodically, in order to maintain the population limit.

2008: The Lambda Resistance is founded by Eli, and Kliener.
The Universal Union begins to crack down heavily on resistance/noncompliance with union laws.

2026: Gordon Freeman is released from Stasis.
The Lambda resistance attempts a "mass uprising"
The resistance seizes many great victories over the combine, destroying a multitude of cities.
(Cities 10, 17, 18, 36, and 37.)
A Superportal opens over the ruins of City 17
The Resistance movement launches a missile with a Xenium Resonator built into it, in order to neutralize the portal.
The destruction of the Superportal begins the "Year of Silence"
Overwatch, Civil Protection units, and loyalists flee to the Nexus points across all of the cities, hard points are abandoned.
Humanity is for the first time left to it's own devices in over 20 years, the suppression field is down, humans begin to reproduce.
Many attempt to siege the nexus' doors, but ultimately find themselves blocked out by the massive firepower hidden within, many begin to abandon their attempts, and ignore the stains on society, citing "We'll deal with them when we're properly equipt."

2027: Massive portal storms erupt across the planet, superportals open across key cities around the globe, giant flashes of blue light grow from the centers many of the cities almost like nuclear bombs, destroying them, and everything around them.
Giant attack forces emerge from the portals, any, and all resistance is crushed in one hour.
The leaders of the Lambda movement are captured, and killed on a live broadcast, the final words from Freeman's mouth are "Never Surrender."
The Nexus' doors open, units in new armor, and with new weapons emerge, killing any and everyone they encounter, very few are captured.
The Union displays use of technology salvaged from Aperture Science.
The Suppression Field is rebuilt, and re-enabled.

2028: Life is worse off than before the resistance, the Union somehow having become more fascist than before.
Certain cities are turned into things similar to death camps, citizens are shipped there in mass in order to serve as punishment sentences, if they survive long enough, and gather enough loyalty points they're transferred back to normal cities, those who fail to adapt are filtered like the chaff from wheat.
Any children that were born are swiftly taken, and never seen again.

All credit to MrAllAmerican from this line down, only slight edits have been made.
City Types.
Capitol, The Universal Union's capitol/control point on earth.
Industrial, These cities are dedicated to production of goods for the union.
Residential, These cities are dedicated to living space for civilians.
Research, These cities are dedicated to research, and development for the union.
Military, These cities are launch pads for the union's military forces, used for training, and deployment of OTA/Elite MPF units.
Death, These cities are a blend between Military, and Industrial cities, and are primary made for sadistic enjoyment of upper Union officials.
Transition, These cities are made as transition points for citizens, typically having them spend several weeks there.
Destroyed, Cities that were destroyed, almost always by Union forces.

City 1: New York City, U.S.A. 
City 2: London, United Kingdom 
City 3: Moscow, Russia 
City 4: Anchorage, U.S.A. 
City 5: Montreal, Canada 
City 6: Islamabad, Pakistan 
City 7: Berlin, Germany 
City 8: Tokyo, Japan 
City 9: Oslo, Norway 
City 10: St. Petersburg, Russia
City 11: Jerusalem, Israel 
City 12: Seoul, South Korea 
City 13: Pyongyang, North Korea 
City 14: Paris, France 
City 15: Cairo, Egypt 
City 16: Ankara, Turkey 
City 17: Kiev, Ukraine 
City 18: Stavropol, Russia 
City 19: Christchurch, New Zealand 
City 20: Tunis, Tunisian Republic 
City 21: Madrid, Spain 
City 22: Prague, Czech Republic 
City 23: Mumbai, India 
City 24: Geneva, Switzerland
City 25: Jakarta, Indonesia
City 26: Osaka, Japan
City 27: Shanghai, China
City 28: Manila, Philippines
City 29: Los Angeles, U.S.A.
City 30: Kolkata, India
City 31: Lagos, Nigeria
City 32: Dhaka, Bangladesh
City 33: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
City 34: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
City 35: Hong Kong, China
City 36: Toronto, Canada *DESTROYED*
City 37: Phoenix, U.S.A. *DESTROYED*
City 38: Kharkiv, Ukraine
City 39: Athens, Greece
City 40: Melbourne, Australia
City 41: Cape Town, South Africa
City 42: Istanbul, Turkey
City 43: Glasgow, United Kingdom
City 44: Brisbane, Australia
City 45: Bucharest, Romania
City 46: Cologne, Germany
City 47: Pune, India
City 48: Mexico City, Mexico
City 49: Johannesburg, South Africa
City 50: Lima, Peru
City 51: Tripoli, Libya
City 52: Sanaa, Yemen
City 53: Rabat, Morocco
City 54: Algiers, Algeria
City 55: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
City 56: Luanda, Angola
City 57: Windhoek, Namibia
City 58: Gaborone, Botswana
City 59: Freetown, Sierra Leone
City 60: Abuja, Nigeria
City 61: Colombo, Sri Lanka
City 62: Kabul, Afghanistan
City 63: Yerevan, Armenia
City 64: Rome, Italy
City 65: Dili, East Timor
City 66: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
City 67: Manchester, United Kingdom
City 68: Boston, U.S.A
City 69: Venice, Italy
City 70: Reykjavik, Iceland
City 71: Ross Island, Antarctica
City 72: Peter I Island, Antarctica
City 73: Santiago, Chile
City 74: Perth, Australia
City 75: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
City 76: Washington DC, USA
City 77: Stanley, Falklands
City 78: Havana, Cuba
City 79: Warsaw, Poland
City 80: Astana, Kazakhstan

Population of Earth: 3.95 Billion and dropping
Urban Population: 3.48 Billion
Outland Population: 940 Million
Average Sector Population: 138.3 Million

Sector 1: US/Canadian East Coast. Capital sector of planet Sol 3, purpose varied. Houses urban centres: 

  • City 1 (New York) - Citadel/Union Summit

  • City 5 (Montreal) - Residential

  • City 36 (Toronto) -Industrial, Destroyed.

  • City 68 (Boston) - Industrial

  • City 76 (Washington DC) - Research/Political

Sector 2: Alaskan coastline. Houses urban centre:

  • City 4 (Anchorage) - Conversion Camp

Sector 3: US West Coast.  Houses urban centres:

  • City 29 (Los Angeles) - Industrial

  • City 37 (Phoenix) - Research, Destroyed.

Sector 4: Central America and Cuba. Built to excessive size to house an abnormally large population. Sector is heavily suppressed.

  • City 48 (Mexico City) - Death

  • City 78 (Havana) -Industrial

Sector 5: Peru and Chile. Built for purely industrial purposes, 67% of all Overwatch kevlar is produced in Sector 5. Houses Urban centres:

  • City 50 (Lima) - Industrial

  • City 73 (Santiago) - Industrial

Sector 6: Brazil. Built with experimental slum housing policed entirely by Overwatch Transhuman Arm., experiment ongoing. Houses urban areas:

  • City 33 (Rio de Janeiro) - Residential

  • City -- (Sao Paulo, settlement aborted due to portal incursions)

Sector 7: Falkland Islands and southern Argentina. An isolated sector designed for transhuman conversion and automated industry. One of the largest water and air exchange settlements on Sol 3. Houses Urban centres:

  • City 77 (Stanley) - Conversion/Industrial, Destroyed.

Sector 8: Japan, North Korea and South Korea. The most technologically advanced sector, research and industry are the main goals of this region. Houses Urban centres:

  • City 8 (Tokyo) - Research (Citadel)

  • City 26 (Osaka) - Research

  • City 12 (Seoul) - Research

  • City 13 (Pyongyang) - Industrial

Sector 9: East China. Built for the extraordinarily large population. Governmental capital for Asian sectors.

  • City 27 (Shanghai) - Capital (Citadel)

  • City 35 (Hong Kong) - Residential

Sector 10: Northeast India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos. Built to control the large jungles of the southeast while providing sprawling centres for the vast population. Contains Urban centres:

  • City 30 (Kolkata) - Residential

  • City 32 (Dhaka) - Industrial

  • City 34 (Ho Chi Minh) - Industrial

Sector 11: Philippines. Built to provide industry for South Pacific islands. Contains Urban centre: 

  • City 28 (Manilla) - Industrial

Sector 12: Indonesia and East Timor. Provides a naval/AIRWATCH centre for Sol 3, sector faces conflict from the guerilla resistance group known as the ‘People’s Pacific Army’. Contains Urban centres:

  • City 25 (Jakarta) -Industrial

  • City 65 (Dili) - Industrial

Sector 13: South Australia and New Zealand Built to both house and convert the population of Oceania. Contains Urban centres:

  • City 40 (Melbourne) - Conversion

  • City 74 (Perth) - Conversion

  • City 19 (Christchurch) - Residential

Sector 14: Northeast Australia. Dedicated to Industry to supply the Pacific sectors, works closely with Sector 12. Contains Urban centre:

  • City 44 (Brisbane) - Industrial

Sector 15: Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet and Uzbekistan. Industrial sector devoted to producing Synthetics. Contains Urban centres:

  • City 80 (Astana) - Industrial

  • City 62 (Kabul) - Industrial

  • City 6 (Islamabad) - Residential/Industrial

Sector 16: United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland. Dedicated to residential and industrial purposes with the exception of Dublin. Houses Urban centres:

  • City 24 (Geneva)- Capital (Citadel)

  • City 14 (Paris) - Death

  • City 21 (Madrid) - Residential

  • City 2 (London) - Residential

  • City 43 (Glasgow) - Industrial

  • City 66 (Dublin) - Death

  • City 67 (Manchester) - Residential

Sector 17: Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Bosnia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Turkey, Syria, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Ukraine and Russia. The largest sector city-wise, home to City 17- European administration headquarters making Sector 17 is as important as Sector 1. This sector is the largest residential zone on Sol 3. Houses Urban centres:

  • City 17 (Kiev) - Destroyed.

  • City 3 (Moscow) - Residential

  • City 7 (Berlin) - Industrial, New Capital (Citadel)

  • City 18 (Stavropol) - Industrial, Destroyed.

  • City 10 (St. Petersburg) - Destroyed.

  • City 16 (Ankara) - Residential

  • City 45 (Bucharest) - Industrial

  • City 79 (Warsaw) - Conversion

  • City 69 (Venice) - Residential

  • City 64 (Rome) - Death

  • City 42 (Istanbul) - Residential, Destroyed

  • City 22 (Prague) - Industrial

  • City 39 (Athens) -Residential

  • City 38 (Kharkiv) - Conversion, Destroyed.

  • City 63 (Yerevan) - Industrial

Sector 18: Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. This Sector is dedicated to AIRWATCH and Naval supply and production for the Atlantic. Often paired or compared to Sector 12. Currently under threat from insurgent forces identified as ‘The Tomorrow’. Contains urban centres:

  • City 9 (Oslo) - Industrial

  • City 70 (Reykjavik) - Industrial/Conversion

Sector 19: Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. This sector is dedicated to food production for the rest of Europe and Africa, it’s capital City 20 is often called the ‘food capital’ of the world. Contains urban centres:

  • City 20 (Tunis) - Industrial

  • City 53 (Rabat) - Industrial

  • City 54 (Algiers) - Industrial

  • City 51 (Tripoli) - Residential

Sector 20: Sub-Saharan/Sahel region of Africa. This sector is issued only canned water and a thin gruel as the only form of sustenance, experiment ongoing.

  • City 59 (Freetown) - Industrial

  • City 31 (Lagos) - Conversion

  • City 60 (Abuja) - Industrial

Sector 21: Angola and Namibia. This sector is an enclosed series of massive apartment/industrial blocks, this means sunlight and weather is non-existent, experiment ongoing. 

  • City 53 (Luanda) - Residential

  • City 54 (Windhoek) - Industrial

Sector 22: South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana and Lesotho. Governing sector of all African sectors.

  • City 49 (Johannesburg) - Capital (Citadel)

  • City 41 (Cape Town) - Residential

  • City 58 (Gaborone) - Residential

Sector 23: India and Sri Lanka. Massive agricultural and industrial focus, main production centre of the Union Armored Personnel Carrier. Houses urban centres:

  • City 23 (Mumbai) - Industrial

  • City 47 (Pune) - Industrial

  • City 61 (Columbo) - Industrial

Sector 24: Egypt and Israel. Industrial centres, 49% of all Overwatch ordinance is produced in Sector 24. Controls the north end of the Suez Canal. Houses urban areas:

  • City 15 (Cairo) - Industrial

  • City 11 (Jerusalem) - Industrial

Sector 25: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen. Part privilege sector designed for loyalists, part conversion camp for transhuman augmentation.

  • City 75 (Dubai) - Death

  • City 52 (Sana’a) - Conversion

Sector 26: Antarctica. Highly classified, population unknown.

  • City 71 (Ross Island) - CLASSIFIED

  • City 72 (Peter I Island) - CLASSIFIED

Union Facilities
Sector 1: ALPHA Base - The primary Transhuman nexus for Sector 1, ready to dispatch units to cities when required and to police the sector non-urban areas.
Sector 2: WINTER Base - The primary Transhuman nexus for Sector 2, ready to dispatch units to cities when required and to police the sector non-urban areas.
Sector 3: OZYMANDIAS Base - Site of the former Black Mesa West, location for Operation: Dying Star.
Sector 5: ANDES Base - AIRWATCH Base of operations, site of experimental AIRWATCH trials.
Sector 6: SPEAR Base - The largest Transhuman nexus in the Southern Hemisphere, made specifically to dispatch units to City 33.
Sector 7: HYDRO Base - Largest Air-Ex and Water-Ex facility on Sol 3.
Sector 8: SAPPORO Base - Experimental scientific base tasked with stratosphere research. Currently developing Project: SATNET 
Sector 9: SHENZHOU Base - Medical research centre tasked with synthesizing of non-human members of Animalia.
Sector 12: SINGAPORE Base - Large militarized port city turned into a Union fortress. Houses the bulk of the South Pacific Navy/AIRWATCH.
Sector 16: NORMANDY Base - Satellite up-link site for Europe, houses European Dispatch AI core and servers.
Sector 17: ORION Base - Civil Protection administrative body headquarters.
Sector also contains facility [DESIGNATION: NOVA PROSPEKT] fifteen kilometers outside Sevastopol ( Southern Ukraine)
Sector 18: RANGE Base - Development site of experimental dark energy suppression device.
Sector 21: ATLANTIS Base - Major Air-Ex and Water-Ex site.
Sector 22: CAPE Base - Civil and Union Administrative summit point for Africa.
Sector 24: GIZA Base - Houses intelligence servers with Union information on every known and cataloged insurgent group.

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